How to make money online In India


Make Money Online in India

In the year 2020, after the massive impact of COVID-19, We all know that this the time that we should move towards the Digital world and should make money online in India.

For the last two months, we all know that our existence got a significant challenge to stand against the coronavirus and have to survive against it. Social distancing is the no.1 priority nowadays.

For the last two months, we have been the witness of our darkest period of life, where no transportation available, most of the shops shut down, no office, no jobs, no businesses, nothing. 

Although you all know that one thing made us connected throughout in this toughest time, yes, you are right that’s our Digital world and internet. Yes, this is the platform through which we were connected during this tough time. 

People who couldn’t go to their offices and made their work from home. Due to the research and survey all over the globe, in the next decade use of the digital world will increase more and more and people will also move towards work from home in the future.

There are so many steps that we also can make money online in India nowadays, such as social media marketing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing. Above all, the no.1 step that you must do is to make a blog. Create a blog in India.

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How to Create a Blog in India 


Blogging is the no.1 step when you choose to make money online in India or anywhere. Create a blog in India is so easy nowadays, but first, you must choose a topic on which you should write a blog. 

People now days making millions of blogs related to different topics and their blogs are ranking in google and they are making money online. You have to create a blog to make money online in India. The primary step to make a blog in India is to selecting a niche. 

How to select a Profitable niche in India 

So now let’s step forward towards selecting a profitable niche for your blogging career. Everyone has a different personality; everyone has different hobbies and everyone has different interest in his personal life.

If I’m talking about myself, I have an interest in digital marketing and will select my niche as a digital marketing. If your interest should be in food than you should select your niche related to food, healthy food, diet food, etc. 

If your interest in fitness than you should select your niche related to health and fitness, yoga, meditation, healthy food, reducing weight.

Now someone has an interest in travel, cricket, news, fashion, etc. so now, first of all, take a sheet in write down all your interest in that sheet.

Now give them a priority to No.-1 to No.-10. Less interest should be kept in the 10 and high interest will keep in 1st like that. 

Now select a niche from 1 to 5. Forget the rest No. of  6 to 10. Then select the no. 1 niche amongst the remaining 5. Which will come to no.1 from your mind and heart, select that niche. You can write anything, can talk about anything, and have enough knowledge above that niche. 

The above formula will give you help to finding your niche but also give the best result for how to select a profitable niche in India. Now after selecting niche we have to buy a domain name about that niche.

Free blog submission sites 


You should start your blogging journey to make a free blog on free blog submission sites. is one of the best platforms to create your blog for free. There are several more like, and more, these are few options among them.

The above platforms are suitable to submit and make your blog for free. But when you trying to make money online, don’t go for free, my honest suggestion. Make your brand. 

If you want to go long and taking your career seriously in a blog and digital marketing and want to get more and more success to make money online in India.

People will always remember brand and person very quickly, so make a brand of yourself OR Select a good brand name related to your niche. 

Domain name registration in India and domain knowledge

After selecting a niche the next step we should do is register a domain name. in this case, now we should take domain knowledge to make Domain name registration in India. Nowadays domain charges and hosting charges are so cheaper.

You have to select a domain name related to your niche, so people can quickly get knowledge about that after seeing your domain name, they should understand that what they will find after clicking on your domain. 

If your niche related to health and fitness than you should make domain name registration like,, You should register your domain name under .com, .in, .org. 

Google gives priority to .com, .in, .org domain when you submit your website for AdSense approval. Make your First priority to get .com OR .in domain. 

 There are several Platforms for domain registration Such as GoDaddy,,,, All the companies who are providing domain they are providing hosting also. 

You can get a domain from a different companies and get hosting from another company. But my suggestion is to get both domains and hosting from one company always be beneficial with the service point of view. 

All are the above-mentioned company are well known for their domain and hosting as well known for their service point of view.

Different types of web hosting 

When you see a website in a browser, then you can do this because the browser has downloaded several some many documents filled with code and converted the markup into something that you can see.

Just like on your computer, these files have been stored somewhere so that you can access them. However, instead of your hard drive, they were on another pc, a so-called server.

Servers are more effective than your notebook (so that they can handle a lot of individuals accessing the website at the same time), however, it consists of the same items like a CPU, memory, and other components.

The owner of the server frees it out to the person owning the website you’re viewing and provides a few other services such as server management, support, malware scanning, backups, and so forth.

The procedure for providing this infrastructure for many others is called web hosting. The individual who does it’s called a hosting supplier.

There are different types of web hosting. Such as Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server hosting, Managed hosting. Here I will give you a few examples of hosting, which are the basic hosting you have to know about.

– Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is perfect for entry-level web hosting. That is where your website is going to be stored on precisely the same server as multiple other websites.

In most cases, beginners will find shared that the easiest way of hosting their website; so regardless of whether you are a small business operator, a community group, or even a stay-at-home mother with an urge to blog, your site will be accessible on the web. 

Shared hosting programs often come with many useful tools such as website builders, WordPress hosting, and also the ability to email clients.

– VPS Hosting

It’s perfect for website owners who need more management, but don’t necessarily need a dedicated server.

VPS web hosting is unique because every website is hosted inside its own space on the server, though it still shares a physical server with other users.

While VPS hosting provides website owners with much more customization and storage area, they’re still unable to handle incredibly Large traffic levels or spikes in use meaning that the site performance can Nevertheless Be affected by other sites on the server

Normally, VPS hosting is used by website owners that want dedicated hosting but do not have the technical knowledge needed.

VPS hosting provides the cost advantages of shared hosting together with the management of dedicated hosting. A fantastic option for advanced users and those that want particular software and package installations.

– Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the current buzzword of the technology market. In regards to hosting, it means many computers working together, running applications employing joint computing tools.

It is a hosting solution that works via a network and enables companies to absorb the computing resource like a utility.

This allows users to employ as many resources as they want without having to construct and maintain their computing infrastructure. The resources which are used are spread across several servers, reducing the chance of any downtime because of a server malfunction.

Cloud-based web hosting is more scalable, meaning your site can grow over time, using as many tools as it requires, and while the website owner only pays for whatever they require.

Web hosting provider company in Delhi 

In our India one of the best web hosting provider company in Delhi is herohosty. I m using this service since the last two months. I have purchased few domains from them and having hosting of them. This company is so trustworthy as well as there are one of the best in the service point of view. 

Their customer support system is so much supportive and giving good service in terms of any problems. During these two months where ever I need their help, they are there every minute step by step supporting me.

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I’m giving you my opinion dear it depends on you which domain and hosting company you want. My point of view goes with the company whose Services and customer support are excellent.

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Here I gave you all the enough knowledge about how to make money online in India, how to make a blog and convert your interest in to profession.

But remember my words my friends you have to make this work consistently, dedicately, than sky is the limit.

There is so much potential in this work to give you abundance of money through blogging. All the Best. If you will have any query please leave a comment. I will glad to connect you.

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