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Hi Friends, My name is SAM.

I am an Affiliate Marketer, Online Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer. Being an Online Marketer, it is so important to sell our products to the Right Customer.


After all as an Online Marketer we are in a business of selling something, right?
Selling Courses, Selling Programs, Selling E-Commerce Products and many more…

I have seen during my entire journey of Digital Marketing that Facebook is the 

No.1 Platform to Sell Anything. Facebook as Huge Data of Potential Customers. A survey said many people want to buy Many things from Facebook because Facebook builds that trust upon their customers. 


People has huge believe and trust on facebook platforms when it comes to buying something. When I started my facebook ad journey My first ad account got banned, second got banned, third got banned, Then I was wondering why one by one, facebook banned my ad accounts. Is it happening with me only? 


But when I searched over the internet, many people complained about their ad account also getting banned. Then One day I was just wondering why this was happening with facebook, then I jumped in to Facebook ad policy.


After reading Facebook ads policies almost 5 times properly, An idea came into my mind. I have created a new facebook profile, then after few day I have created 
business manager from that profile, then step by step I have done things that comply with facebook ads policy. 


And BOOM  guys, My first ad approved I still remember that day, I was so happy just to got message that “Your Ads are Scheduled OR
This was the message. Guys after that day I never looked back, day by day my ads manager approved 
my lots of ads.


Friend in this course, I will teach you step by step methods from How to open an account in Facebook to get organic sales to How to create your first Ad that will approve.

Come join me, That’s My Promise to you that this step will change your future and you will also earn lots of money from Facebook ads.

Customers reviews

I was out of way before using this strategy of SAM. Thanks a lot man, you made my work on track because it's so difficult to handling the clients while getting an ad account banned every time. But after learning from you now we are on track. Thanks again.
Shailav - Pennsylvania
Digital Marketer
I was trying to do ads on my amazon FBA Account on facebook, didn't know how to do it effectively. Well one of my friends suggested this course. Man it's so effective and accurate, even I learned about how to target the exact audience for my product.
Deval - New Jersey
Amazon FBA Seller
I'm living in maryland and running a store. I want to target people who live in maryland. tried many times facebook ads but facebook blocked my account every time, until I came to know about this course, Now I m running ads, many time, without having any issue.​
Raxi - Maryland
Store Owner
I bought this course on october 2020. I thought where Have you been SAM, why you met me so long time back, while getting my many ads account got blocked before. After getting this course I m running facebook ads successfully now.
Manish - India
Running facebook ads is the most common marketing strategy for any shopify store owner. But one by one my ad account got disable. One day from facebook page I found this amazing course, And after that day I never looked back. I'm getting much more sales on my shopify store. Thanks SAM for this.
Mila Kunis - Australia
Shopify Store
I was trying to ran many facebook ads for my affiliate marketing Program, but I didn't know why facebook kept banning my ad account one by one. Then I came to know about this amazing course which helped me a lot. Now I'm successfully running facebook ads without having any problem.
Ishan bedi - India
Affiliate Marketer

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